Cataract Surgery

After talking to hundreds of patients about cataract surgery in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, Dr. Howard knows that few vision problems are more frustrating and disappointing than cataracts. They gradually steal the bright, crisp focus of life, replacing it with a cloudy, blurred view of the world around you. Imagine seeing life through a smoke-covered window, or a filmy screen. That's the effect cataracts have on your vision - a blurry, darkened view of a grandchild's face, of street signs while you are driving, or during other favorite activities.

Unfortunately, cataracts are often part of the aging process. The eye's natural lens gradually becomes cloudy, making it impossible for the light entering the eye to be focused sharply on the retina.

Now, however, through a revolutionary cataract surgery technique available at Anderson Hills Eye Care in Cincinnati Ohio, cataracts can be safely removed in a matter of minutes, restoring the bright crisp focus of earlier years.

Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery

Not long ago, cataract surgery required a series of challenging procedures, including painful injections around the eye, several sutures in the eye itself, and wearing a bothersome patch while the eye healed.

Today, all of that has been replaced with small incision surgery, an achievement which eliminates the need for sutures. Dr. Howard has perfected an enhancement of the small incision technique allowing for greater comfort and a more rapid recovery.

Known as Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery, this revolutionary surgical procedure requires only a local anesthetic. The incision is only 1/8 of an inch long. The cataract is removed through this tiny incision and a foldable lens implant is inserted in its place. Because the incision is so small, the eye tissue seals itself naturally, usually without the need of sutures. The entire procedure may take as little as ten minutes, and is painless.

The benefits of Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery are readily apparent. Because there is less trauma, the eye recovers more quickly. Pain following surgery is very rare, and patients are able to return to normal activities within 24 hours. Cosmetically, the eye looks and feels less inflamed than with other forms of cataract surgery.